Be a Secret Santa

for a vulnerable child this Christmas

Thank you to our Secret Santas for bringing joy, warmth and safety to vulnerable children in the UK this Christmas. If you missed the campaign, you can still help a vulnerable child by donating now.


Donate to help bring joy, warmth and safety to a vulnerable child this Christmas.

Could pay for a child to have a hot meal at Christmas.

Could buy presents for a child who would otherwise miss out this Christmas.

Could pay for warm winter clothes for a child this Christmas.

Could make sure a homeless young person has a safe place to sleep this Christmas.

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Donate to help bring joy, warmth and safety to a vulnerable child this Christmas.

Could buy a food package for a family, making sure they have enough to eat.

Could pay to keep a family's home warm through winter.

Could buy essential items for babies born this Christmas.

Could pay for a child who has been through a traumatic experience to get counselling.

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Thanks to more than 19,000 Secret Santas, we raised more than £430,000 for vulnerable children in the UK this Christmas.

Your donations have helped pay for a child to have a hot meal, buy clothing to keep them warm during the winter, and give them a safe place to sleep. They don’t know who it was that made sure they were fed, or that they felt loved, but you know that you’ve made their Christmas that little bit brighter.

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How Action for Children helps

We step in to make sure a child’s needs are met when times get really tough. Our emergency fund gives families with urgent needs one-off financial support.
Our Family Partners project helps prevent and reduce neglect, giving parents the practical skills to make positive changes, and empowering them to overcome difficulties.
Our counselling service Breaking the Cycle gives children and young people affected by domestic abuse a voice, helping them talk about their feelings and learn vital coping skills.

It's getting brighter

Each time we recruit a new Secret Santa, another part of our map lights up.


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Letters from Santa

Read through some of the messages that our Secret Santas have left. You can create your own after you donate!

It feels so good to help someone who needs someone!

Sharon Happy-Cracker

I've loved being part of this wonderful appeal. Its lovely to know there are so many kind-hearted people around.

Sarah Tipsy-Elf

Sprinkle a little love and magic to all the less fortunate young folk.

Loretta Mulled-Eggnog

No child should be without a Christmas dinner.

Julie Dancing-Tinsel

Hoping my donation will help to bring some magic to vulnerable children this Christmas! ?

Otto Tipsy-Cracker

All children deserve to be happy, warm, safe & fed all year round - please make a regular donation!

Nate Happy-Pants

I donated to this cause because it could so easily be my own nieces and nephews in these situations.

Justine Tipsy-Dove

Please know that you are not alone and people do care. My teenager and I are sending lots of love.

Sally Singing-Boots

Spread the love, sprinkle the joy, do something for others - go on, it will make you feel great!

Wendy Frosty-Flame

Join me and become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child. Let's spread a bit of Christmas love!

Gwen Snowy-Angel