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What’s your Christmas wish for children living in poverty?


We want every child’s Christmas to be full of excitement, warmth and laughter. But thousands of children and young people are facing Christmas without a hot meal or a safe place to sleep.  

We want to change this. And we need your help.  

We’re collecting Christmas wishes for children living in poverty, written by children and adults across the UK.   

Share your Christmas wish with us and we’ll deliver it to Santa. We’ll also have a word with someone else who can help. We’ll ask the Prime Minister to be a Secret Santa and support children and young people this Christmas.  

We want to collect and share as many Christmas wishes as possible. So please ask your children, and everyone you know, to send us their Christmas wishes for Santa.    

If we all wish together, our wishes might come true. 

How to take part 

  • Share your wish for children living in poverty by recording a video or writing a letter. Or, if you’re short on time, use thtemplate below to tell us your wish.
  • Ask your children and everyone you know to share their wishes, too.   
  • Share your wishes with us by 30 November at @actnforchildren on Twitter, actionforchildren on Facebook and @actionforchildrenuk on Instagram.   
  • We’ll share your messages across our channels, and with the Prime Minister, to help make a Christmas wish come true for children in poverty.  

Here’s an example:  

“Dear Santa, Christmas should be a happy time. But the pandemic has had a devastating impact on children’s lives. Thousands of children and young people face Christmas without a hot meal or a safe place to sleep. This Christmas, please _ _ _ _ _ _” 

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